About us

As globalization renders our world increasingly flat one cannot help but wonder what the future will look like and how education can adapt to meet the demands of the 21t century children growing up in a world connected by internet In touch with friends and family around the globe solving problems that are transnational in proportion and revolutionary in the way the solutions will change with the way we live and relate ,will need an education that prepares them for these challenges.

“Your Aspiration Is Our Inspiration”

 We at Funda Time are extremely pleased to be the Pioneers to provide our advanced learning technique that will uniquely identify each student’s stumbling blocks and then guide the student to learn the missing concepts.


IIT JEE Online Coaching Institute Funda time is known for its quality coaching, highly disciplined teaching methodology, high level of satisfaction among students, its authenticity and transparency. The institute is known for its innovative methodologies and was the first one to introduce an entrance test for admission to IITJEE Coaching. Online Class


The system, through its adaptive logic and scientifically designed course precisely identifies the gaps in student’s understanding. The system then generates a customized study plan that is tailored for the needs of the individual student. This leads to a faster assimilation of new material and superior understanding of concepts. A judicious use of animations and voice-overs makes for a vibrant, fun-filled, and speedy learning process Study in the most diverse, global and innovative environment using cutting edge technology and gain access to a comprehensive collection of studio-quality lectures showcasing the same lectures and featuring the same tutors from our Funda Time campus.